Working to support the healing and empowerment of those who have been affected by sexual violence as well as providing proactive education to surrounding communities


We will provide the tools for healing and provide support for those who have been directly impacted by sexual violence, as well as for their caregivers. 

We will provide proactive education and empower the next generation to end sexual violence. 


Ending Sexual Violence "by" the next generation...a reality we should all embrace.


To provide counselling services to those who have suffered from sexual violence, as well as those support persons, family members, etc., of someone who has experienced sexual violence. To provide proactive education regarding sexual violence to all individuals and to empower all to end sexual violence by the next generation.

September 30th - National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

As an organization, Saffron Centre recognizes September 30th, 2021 is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Our team has committed to continue educating ourselves on the history and culture of the Indigenous peoples who's land we occupy, work to increase our cultural competency within our organization and to build relationships with the Indigenous communities that we serve.

If you are experiencing distress, please reach out to the Indian Residential School Survivor and Family Hotline


Or for more information about mental health support and funding that may be available to survivors of Indian Residential Schools and family members impacted by their loved ones experience, please click below

Rock in Sand


Saffron Centre recognizes that effective therapy looks not only at the surface of the problem, but the underlying individual, intrapersonal, familial, social, and cultural issues. We work at providing outstanding service and care to victims of:

  • Recent or historical sexual assault and sexual abuse

  • Sexual violence including sexual exploitation

  • Childhood sexual assault and/or abuse

  • PTSD as a result of sexual trauma

Counselling services are also provided to caregivers and supporters of those who've experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse, or sexual violence.



Our Public Education program provides educational and informative presentations for children starting in kindergarten up to Grade 12. We also provide university, parent and caregiver, and professional presentations. Our goal is to prevent sexual violence through community involvement. 

Teacher with Tablet


The goal of this program is to provide support to those that are wanting to engage in the judicial process. We offer support in reporting to police, court preparation and accompaniment. Information and assistance is also available for applying for Financial Benefits and Restitution and writing Victim Impact Statements.

Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you have been buried but you have been planted.


- Christine Caine


110, 222 Athabascan Ave, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4C9, Canada

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