Saffron Centre’s New Brand

We are thrilled to announce that the official launch of Saffron Centre’s new brand and website is finally here! Months in the making, our new website and branding represent who we are and what we do. This new look doesn’t change who Saffron is or our commitment to service; in fact, we believe that our new branding is an exceptional representation of the important work we do and our commitment to supporting clients on their journey toward hope and healing after experiencing sexual violence.

Why the Change?

Our team at Saffron Centre felt that the previous website and branding failed to capture the true spirit of the organization. As we grew and evolved, it became evident that a fresh approach was needed to align with its values and goals. A brighter, livelier brand image was designed that is peaceful, and calming, and evokes feelings of collaboration and partnership.

The New Design

Rather than red and black as our brand colours, we have moved to coral and a warm navy blue. This adjustment is more inviting to our clients and promotes a sense of calm, safety, and warmth. Coral represents emotional strength in difficult times – it is optimistic and uplifting. Navy is calming and reassuring – it represents trust and stability. We maintained the saffron flower imagery; however, it’s been modified to create a clearer connection to the people we serve. This update to our branding tells the story of who we are and what we do.

The New Branding

Our Vision: 

We aspire to live in safe communities, free from sexual violence, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our Mission:

Providing compassionate and specialized counselling, education, and advocacy for those impacted by sexual violence as we journey together toward healing and justice. 

Our brand messaging reflects who Saffron Centre is, and where we want to go as an organization. Through our new branding and website, we hope to connect with more individuals and help them find the hope and healing everyone deserves.

Our Commitment Maintains the Same

While the visual identity of Saffron Centre may have undergone a transformative update, our unwavering commitment to serving the community has not changed. The essence of our organization lies not only in the colours and symbols we choose but in the genuine dedication of our team to making a positive impact. Our mission to support those affected by sexual violence through meaningful services remains at the core of everything we do.

Our brand update is a reflection of our team’s commitment to empathy, understanding, and empowering those who have experienced sexual violence. Sexual violence is a deeply sensitive and challenging issue, and our dedicated professionals continue to stand by those who have been impacted, offering a safe space for them to navigate their journey toward healing. The new brand serves as a visual representation of our growth and adaptability, but it is our enduring commitment to compassion and support that defines Saffron Centre and ensures that every individual we serve knows they are not alone on their path to healing.

Our Services 

Our goal is that Saffron Centre’s updated brand will better represent our services and provide education, support, and counselling for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. Whether someone is seeking support through the reporting and judicial process after experiencing sexual violence or looking for counseling services to embark on a journey of healing, our redesigned website ensures accessibility and clarity. The website’s user-friendly interface provides a wealth of resources, guiding those who are in a difficult situation through the process and towards our support systems with ease. Our Police and Court Support team provides clients with supported and remote reporting along with support and resources as they navigate the complicated legal system. 

Our new website spotlights our diverse counselling services, emphasizing the multiplicity of paths available for clients to find hope and healing. Whether through one-on-one sessions, group therapy, or specialized programs tailored to unique needs, our counselling services are now more prominently featured, demonstrating the comprehensive support network we provide. 

Additionally, the revamped platform amplifies our commitment to community education. Schools and organizations can easily access the different education opportunities and resources available to promote informed responses to trauma, fostering an environment where understanding and empathy flourish. By encouraging healthier and safer communities through education, we aim to contribute to a society that is better equipped to respond to and prevent instances of sexual violence.

New Branding, Same Saffron

Saffron Centre’s brand redesign is a statement of growth, adaptability, and a renewed commitment to our mission and values. The new brand is a testament to our organization’s journey and the positive impact we strive to make in the lives of our clients. As Saffron Centre continues to grow, we hope that we will continue to contribute to making our community safer where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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Christmas Holiday Closure

Saffron Centre will be closed beginning Saturday, December 23rd through Monday, January 1st and will reopen on January 2nd. Voicemails and emails will not be monitored during this time. For immediate support, call the Edmonton Distress line at 780-482-4357 or the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Centre 24-Hour Help line at 1-866-956-1099.

From all of us at Saffron Centre, we wish you a peaceful holiday season and many blessings in the New Year.