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What is it?

Our Seeds of Healing program is for addressing specific  symptoms that result when a person has experienced sexual violence. In these sessions, you will focus on the past and present, processing the trauma and addressing specific symptoms to work towards the life you want to create.

This program is provided by our team of specialized therapists, one of whom will work with you to help reduce your symptoms and overall feelings of distress.

Two Dried Leaves

Healing and Beyond is a therapy group that aims to:

  • provide a space for you to explore how things are going post-therapy

  • provide a space to develop and review skills that you've worked on with your Saffron therapist

Currently this group is being held through a secure online video platform.

Sessions are currently on the first Wednesday of every month 6pm-7:30pm

Scope of the Program

Every client who attends the Seeds of Healing program has access to up to 20 sessions of individual counselling to be used at any point throughout their lifetime. All of Saffron Centre's therapists practice through a client centred trauma-informed lens and have been trained in various types of therapy to help you on your healing journey.

In your sessions, you get to decide if, when, and how to share and work through your experience. Talking about the trauma itself is optional. If your story has never been held in respect, it might be healing for you to have someone to listen with compassion and empathy. This may include pausing you frequently to work with the resulting emotions, sensations, and thoughts, as you share as
much or as little as you want, at whatever pace feels best for you. If you prefer not to talk directly about the trauma itself, you and your therapist will use other techniques to help you in your healing journey.


Clients can access Saffron's
Seeds of Healing program by self-referral.
To begin the intake process,

call 780-449-0900.

You have the option to attend any of
Saffron's other programs either
simultaneously or one after the
completion of another.


To work collaboratively with your 
therapist to identify and work
towards your unique healing goals.
This may include building on existing
strengths and coping skills, developing new coping skills, processing your experience of
trauma, reducing symptoms of
trauma, and building resilience.


Services are offered:

Located in Sherwood Park


To be accessed through your client portal



How Much?

Maximum: $170/50 min session
All clients are assessed on our
sliding fee scale to ensure
accessibility of our services.

Please reach out if you have any
questions or concerns about the cost of
our services.

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