Secondary Keynote Speakers

Heart Math

Susann von Meijenfeldt, RSW, CPCC

About the Session

In this HeartMath presentation, HeartMath Trainer and Coach Susann von

Meijenfeldt, RSW and Mindful Somatic Psychotherapist, will discuss how to reset

yourself when out of sync; just like you reset your computer. HeartMath provides an

everyday tool to experience a calmer, more grounded and heart-centered life that

allows more energy throughout the day.

Based on more than 20 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science

of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides cutting edge information and a powerful skillset to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity, and in workplaces of high-demand.

This presentation will teach you how to sustain a regulated system in the face of inner and outer stressors. It will explore what energy drains are and bring awareness to noticing them and shifting them in the midstream of life.  As well, it will invite access into the power and intelligence of the heart by connecting with a higher baseline of intelligence in our system that is activated through the heart. 


About the Speaker

Susann von Meijenfeldt is a Registered Social Worker with a degree in Clinical Social Education from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. She is a licenced European Body-Psychotherapist and has been certified in Hakomi (mindfulness-centred somatic psychotherapy) and is part of the teaching team of this method. Susann is co-founder and facilitator of the Immediate Shift Method™, a practical tool to retrain the brain and nervous system to resilience and balance. Susann has trained in many other somatic, holistic and trauma-informed therapy and coaching methods -- amongst which include HeartMath, Somatic Experiencing, and Co-Active Coaching. She has worked for non-profit agencies in Germany and Edmonton and has been in private practice for 20 years. Susann works with individuals, couples and groups, providing counseling, mentoring, consulting and supervision in Edmonton and internationally.


Community Resilience

Bree Claude

About the Session

About the Speaker

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Bree Claude is the Director of Family and Community Services with Strathcona County. She is a dynamic community leader and responsive change agent. Her secret talent is finding and surrounding herself with amazing and brilliant people who are changing the world.


During her role, she has connected with diverse system leaders and community partners, including those with lived experience, to take action on seemingly intractable challenges. She has learned that when we convene these formal and informal leaders, listen to one another with curiosity and try something together, a new future can emerge. 


Many of us are experts on what is not working to address our social and community challenges. This knowledge encourages us to be bold, step outside of the norms and create solutions that maybe never existed before. We all bring different gifts and life experiences to this tough work and no one of us can make even a dent alone. The answer is always in the collective and she’s privileged to be working in a community that knows this to be true. 


For more than 20 years, Bree has been immersed in social policy and practice, strategic planning and evaluation in a government environment. She has a degree in Political Science and a Master of Science in Human Ecology. 


Previously, she held Director and Executive Director positions within the Alberta Government in the ministries of Seniors and Housing, Advanced Education and Children’s Services.


Bree is passionate about engaging citizens to create solutions for the challenges we are facing as a community.

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