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As part of Saffron's Supported Reporting Protocol with the Strathcona County RCMP, we purchased video and audio recording equipment that now allows our Centre to host police interviews with those who have been impacted by sexual violence.

Anyone who wishes to report a sexual offence to RCMP or Municipal Police may contact the Saffron Centre to speak with one of our police and court support advocates. Advocates will complete an intake, gather basic information, and help the client to arrange their police interview at our office. 

The Reporting Room


Our reporting room is located on the ground floor of our office to allow for accessibility. It looks like a counselling room and is used for counselling regularly by our therapists. 

During a police interview, cameras and a microphone are mounted to the wall and wired to a secure monitoring room in the Centre. A Saffron Police and Court Support Advocate may be present in the room for support alongside the RCMP member. The client may also have Facility Support Dog Yukon in their interview for additional support. 

This room was designed to be comforting to people who have experienced trauma and who may have fear or uncertainty going to the police detachment to report sexual violence. The members we work with in policing are trauma-informed, plainclothes men and women who understand the impact of a softer reporting space for many people. 

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