Specialized Police and Court Support

Our Specialized Police and Court Support Advocates are here to help walk along side you through this journey. The criminal justice system can be challenging, but we are here to help make this process more supportive for you.

All of our services are offered free of charge.


Our advocates support with:

Reporting Information

Reporting Support

Documentation Support

Court Preparation

Court Support

Follow Up Support Calls

Advocacy with Police and Courts

Our new Guide to SPCS informs new and potential clients about the processes in our department and the rights they have as victims of crime. 

SPCS Volunteer Program

We are now accepting applications for our Winter Volunteer Term starting in January 2022. THE APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR THIS TERM IS OCTOBER 15, 2021.

Volunteer Program Details:

  • Students are welcome to apply to earn hours in their fields - open to Social Work, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Human Ecology, and others. 

  • Volunteer terms last six-months. Term 1 is January to June, Term 2 is July to December. There is a potential to renew your volunteer contract with SPCS if you are enjoying the work and would like to stay on longer. 

  • All volunteers will be asked to provide proof of security clearances, completion of online orientation, and attend in-person training sessions before their term starts. 

Three Streams of Volunteerism for Specialized Police and Court Support:

Advocacy and Accompaniment:

Volunteers will undergo training to work on the front line with clients who are moving through the criminal justice and civil justice systems. Advocates are responsible for client check-ins and follow-ups, collateral contacts with our case partners, prepping and accompanying the client and their supports to the Police Station or Courthouse, and helping clients with paperwork related to their case. Volunteers in this department are mature and professional in their character and ideally have a basic understanding of trauma and its effects.

Research and Organizational Development:

Volunteers will be responsible for helping the heads of each department in Saffron to conduct research into new programming ideas and evaluations, researching standards of practice in Alberta and Canada, and writing grants and proposals in collaboration with the SPCS Director to advance the interests of the organization as a whole. This position is less focused on the SPCS department, instead working in all departments that need assistance with programming.

Community Awareness and Outreach:

Volunteers will conduct community engagement and outreach projects with a focus on rural areas surrounding Sherwood Park and the City of Edmonton. The goal is to expand awareness of the SPCS department and other Saffron services, decrease stigma in less-populated areas, and ensure equity of access to services. Volunteers are able to complete this work in a completely virtual format if necessary. 



Fill out your volunteer application and send it in to kiarav@saffroncentre.com by October 15. 2021 to be considered for the January-June term.