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Inverter Battery FAQ

How many hours does a 150Ah battery last?

A 150Ah battery is a strong battery designed with thicker tubular plates to withstand prolonged power outage conditions. Its lifespan is thus determined by the battery's design and quality, which is why Exide batteries are favoured by millions of consumers. It is also affected by the battery's consumption and the appliance load on it. If your 150 Ah battery is fully charged, it should last for around 3 hours on a 400 watt bulb load. The backup will improve if the load or appliance wattage is lowered.

What happens if an inverter battery water is low?

If the water level in your inverter battery is low, the float level indicator on the battery goes down indicating that an immediate refill is needed with battery grade distil water. If you allow the water level in the inverter battery to remain low then the top part of the positive and negative plates remain dry thereby reducing battery efficiency and damaging it. Hence, whenever the battery float level indicators come down, immediately refill it. Remember to refill only with battery grade distil water. You can try out Exide Distilo battery grade distil water for better performance. Remember-never add acid or contaminate with ordinary tap water.

What is the standard backup time provided by a 150Ah battery?

A 150Ah battery is a robust battery made with thicker tubular plates to withstand tough condition of power outage. Its longevity therefore depends on the design and quality of the battery – which is why Exide batteries are preferred by millions of customers. It also depends on the usage of the battery and the appliance load on it. You can expect your 150 Ah battery to last for around 3 hours on 400 watts bulb load if it is fully charged. If the load or appliance wattage is reduced the backup will improve.

Which inverter battery is best for home usage?

Well, there are many good inverter battery brands in the market, but it’s wise that you go with India’s No.1 inverter battery brand, Exide. Exide is the number one choice for millions of consumers because of the design and quality of its batteries. Its performance in millions of homes proves that it is the best.

If you want to pick up an inverter battery that's best for your home, at an affordable price, low maintenance cost, coupled with high performance, go for India's No 1 inverter battery brand - Exide. Exide inverter batteries guarantee longer life and high-power output. These inverter batteries from Exide can withstand long and frequent power cuts while ensuring long life of your home appliances.

For steady and uninterrupted performance, tubular batteries are the best. Exide offers a wide range of tubular batteries that you can choose from depending on your back-up requirement and appliances you want to run. Exide InvaTubular is the most premium range followed by Exide Invamaster range. Exide Invaplus, Exide Tubemaster and Exide InstaBrite, which are also very popular...

Apart from the above, being India’s No.1 inverter battery brand Exide also offers thick flat plate inverter batteries at a lower budget under Exide Insta Brite and Exide Inva King brands.

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