• Kristyn Lough

The 5 W's

Who should I tell first?

Who could possibly understand?

Who will tell me it will all be okay?

Who will be there to hold my hand?

What if no one believes me?

What if they say it was my fault?

What if they ask what I was doing there?

What if they say it wasn't assault?

When am I going to forget about this?

When will the flashbacks start to stop?

When will I feel like myself again?

When should I have told the cops?

Where did I go from here?

Where do I even go wrong?

Where is my body, my mind, my soul?

Where, now, am I supposed to belong?

Why did this happen to a good person like me?

Why did it happen at all? Why is it up to me to find healing?

Why even try, when all I do is fall?

How did I get myself into this situation?

How is it possible my life has led to this?

How do I begin to live and to heal?


Because there will be no more silence.


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