How we’re using the internet to stay connected right now

Hello everyone,

Here is that blog post I promised. Saffron will be going live on Instagram twice a week to help us stay connected with our community during this difficult time. On Thursdays, I'll be talking about a weekly topic and answering any questions I receive on Wednesdays. This weeks topic is how we're using the internet to stay connected right now.

I asked our lovely community how they're using the internet to stay connected, and I got answers ranging from work, to spending more time on social media, to using video calls to help stay connected with friends and family members.

Here are the questions I was asked, and my responses below!

1) Do you have any recommendations for safety while meeting new people online during COVID outbreak?

Although meeting people online is definitely safer than in person right now, there are still safety concerns to think about.

If you’re under the age of 18, you shouldn’t be talking online with anyone that you don’t know in real life, end of story. Even in exceptional circumstances, your safety and the importance of your privacy is still more important! You can use this time to connect with others that you already know, like I’ve been hearing about. You can do group chats or video calls with family, get together online with friends (maybe to talk about how you’re all dealing with your new way of schooling!)

That said, if you do want to reach out, if you need help or are looking for someone to talk to, there are resources for you out there. Check out the link in our bio and choose our Coping and Distraction Methods for tips, worksheets, app recommendations, and more. There are also other resources that you can check out:

· AHS Mental Health Help Line: Call 1-877-303-2642

· Kids Help Phone: Call 1-800-668-6868 or Text CONNECT to 686868

· CASASC 24hr Crisis Line: Call or text 1-866-956-1099

· Alberta’s OneLine: 1-866-403-8000

If you’re over the age of 18, you are legally an adult and are free to talk to whomever you want on social media. However, you should still keep your safety in mind. Be careful not to give out personal information and be wary of ‘fake news’ and scams that might pop up during this time. As with kids, you can use this time to connect or re-connect with people that you know, like family and friends, and plan activities over the internet through group chats or scheduled video calls (e.g. every Saturday evening you go on Zoom with your family/friends/coworkers for an hour).

2) Do you have any tips on how to avoid making comparisons with people you see on social media?