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What is it?

The Healing & Beyond group is for survivors of sexual violence who have moved through the survival phase of healing and are looking to build community and connection. The goal of this program is to ensure that clients have transitional support after an extensive amount of individual therapy. Your group facilitators will assist you in strengthening existing coping tools and developing new ones to help manage your present/everyday symptoms and reactions. This can help
you to be and feel more prepared to manage change, triggers, symptoms
and new stressors on your own, with your tools learned in therapy.

Two Dried Leaves

Healing and Beyond is a therapy group that aims to:

  • provide a space for you to explore how things are going post-therapy

  • provide a space to develop and review skills that you've worked on with your Saffron therapist

Currently this group is being held through a secure online video platform.

Sessions are currently on the first Wednesday of every month 6pm-7:30pm

Scope of the Program

New group members are asked to commit to attending a minimum of three consecutive sessions but are strongly encouraged to continue. 


The group is delivered by two Saffron staff members (typically a Registered Psychologist / Social Worker / Canadian Certified Counsellor / Clinical Facilitator). Facilitators are trained to create a safe environment that fosters further post-traumatic growth. Building community and connection with others who have had similar experiences can reduce isolation and normalize and validate experiences.

H&B is not a group to share the intimate details of your trauma: sometimes sharing details can be important; however, this is not the goal of this group. Therefore, your facilitator will work with you in session to redirect the conversation and bring you back to a place of safety. They will also work with you to find more specific or individual support as needed.


Referrals are made at your intake
or by your Saffron Therapist.
You will be scheduled for a brief
30-minute video or phone meeting
with one of the group facilitators to
ensure this group is a good fit for
you in your healing journey.


Sessions provide time for group
members to check how they are
coping, what is going well, what their
hopes are, what might need a tune-up
or what areas may currently be a
struggle. Depending on the group
members’ needs, sessions may also
teach or review issues such as
boundaries, emotional regulation,
mindfulness, distress tolerance,
coping behaviors, and more.


Online through a secure video
platform. (an individual link will be
sent to you to join the private


The first Wednesday every

month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

How Much?

$20 per session

(sliding scale available)

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