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What is it?

Foundations of Healing is a program that provides psycho-education surrounding the impacts of trauma and teaches coping skills to help manage these effects. Offered in both a group and individual format, this program aims to help clients better manage and understand their trauma-related symptoms.

Two Dried Leaves

Healing and Beyond is a therapy group that aims to:

  • provide a space for you to explore how things are going post-therapy

  • provide a space to develop and review skills that you've worked on with your Saffron therapist

Currently this group is being held through a secure online video platform.

Sessions are currently on the first Wednesday of every month 6pm-7:30pm

Scope of the Program

In this program you will learn more about the ways trauma has impacted you and why you may be experiencing certain symptoms. To help you manage your symptoms, you will have the opportunity to try out a variety of coping strategies, with the goal of building an understanding of what strategies are best suited to your unique needs. This program is delivered by our team of Trauma Coaches, who provide client-centered trauma-informed care. They are well versed in how trauma impacts the brain and in safely facilitating both group and one-on-one sessions . In addition to providing psycho-education, our Trauma Coaches will help you to figure out what skills and strategies may work best. This includes
finding ways to modify certain strategies to better meet your needs and help you understand your brain’s responses.

While it is common to want to share pieces of your story during your work in the Foundations of Healing program, it is important to understand that your Trauma Coach is not a licensed therapist and does not have the necessary training to safely support you through any trauma processing. If you were to share detailed accounts of your trauma, your Trauma Coach would work with you to redirect the conversation back to a place of safety within the scope of this program.


Clients can access Saffron's
Foundations of Healing program by
self-referral. To begin the intake
process, call 780-449-0900.

You have the option to attend any of
Saffron's other programs either
simultaneously or one after the
completion of another.


To strengthen existing coping
skills and develop new ones to
help manage your
present/everyday symptoms and
reactions. These tools and skills
can help to build emotional
flexibility – the ability to
recognize, accept, and work
through distressing feelings,
thoughts and sensations as they





How Much?

Individual - $20/50min session

Group  - $20/90 min session 


Sliding Scale Available

Group or Individual?

The Foundations of Healing program is offered in two distinct formats, either as a group or individually.
While the focus and goals of either format are virtually identical, some people may benefit more from one
format than the other. During your intake, you and the intake worker will discuss which format would best fit
you and your personal needs.

This program is broken into eight distinct modules. Within each module, you will learn about specific topics relating to symptoms of trauma and trauma recovery, and you will have the opportunity to learn and
practice a variety of coping skills.

Module Topics Include:

  • Effectcs of Trauma: Brain, Body, Self

  • Window of Tolerance & Creating Safety

  • Distress Tolerance 

  • Dissociation & Grounding

  • Avoidance & Anger

  • Panic Relaxation & Breathing

  • Blame & Shame

  • Grief & Growth




  • Creating a foundation for healing

  • Collaborative goal setting

  • Individualized support

  • Building a repertoire of coping tools specific to you


Sessions are 50 min and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise, depending on what you and your Trauma Coach decide is most beneficial. Availability for sessions is dependent on the schedule of your Trauma

To get the most out of this program, and to gain a better understanding of what tools and strategies work best for you, it is recommended that you continue practicing what you’ve learned in between sessions.


Some of the expectations if you are to participate in the group format are:

  • Active participation and collaboration with your Trauma Coach

  • Setting goals for what you want to achieve in this program

  • Actively working towards these goals in and outside of session

  • Willingness and desire to learn




  • Creating a foundation for healing 

  • Validation of your thoughts and feelings

  • Fostering a sense of belonging among participants 

  • Exposure to a wide variety of coping tools



Group is held weekly at a predetermined time. Each week will be a 90 min session focusing on a different module.

To get the most out of this program, and to gain a better understanding of what tools and strategies work best for you, it is recommended that you continue practicing what you’ve learned in between sessions.


Some of the expectations for this group are:

  • Active participation (20% discussion, 80% active listening)

  • Maintaining confidentiality of other group members

  • Mutual respect and non-judgment

  • Willingness and desire to learn

  • Having your camera on

    • Discuss with your group facilitators if this is not possible

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like any
additional information, please feel free to reach out to begin the registration process.

Phone: (780) 449-0900

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