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Starting Conversations

about Identity, Gender, &

Violence Prevention


What is the Breaking the Cycle Conference?

The focus of the 2021 Breaking the Cycle Conference is to start honest conversations about Identity, Gender, and Violence Prevention, especially in the lives of children and youth. We will look at the impact that negative gender roles play in helping to shape our children and our society and what we can do to break the cycle.


Who is this Conference for?

The Conference is for anyone! We can not think of a group of people that would not benefit from attending this conference. We understand that this conference may be especially beneficially for those in the social services fields, but we also know that it would be helpful to anyone that works with anyone, anywhere in this world. It is so important for us to learn more about how we can help each other.   


What is the structure of the conference?

The conference is structured in such a way, that we will spend the morning looking at some of the social issues we are facing and talking about why  they exist (negative messages in the media and historical beliefs.). We will have a chance to ask questions to a panel of speakers over the lunch break and then in the afternoon we will hear 3 speakers discuss how we can effect positive change in this area. We will come away with tools, conversation starters and messages that we can share with the people that we work with, and those in our community. 

Why are we hosting this Conference?

This conference has been developed as a response to the conference we held last year. At our 2020 Seeds of Resilience Conference, we had a discussion about healthy gender roles, and had so many people wanting to learn more about this topic, as well as engage in conversations about how we can make changes. We recognize that there was a strong need for more information, and education about Healthy Masculinity and Gender Equality. We are seeing a high numbers of young people struggling with many social issues, and an increase in suicides, domestic and sexual violence. We need to break the cycle. 


MAY 31  8:30am-4:30pm MDT



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