Sowing the Seeds of Resilience

What is the Sowing the Seeds of Resilience Conference?

The focus of our conference is twofold. First, we will recognize the impact of trauma on those who have been victims of a crime or on survivors of other types of trauma, and also on those who work with them. Secondly, we will begin to have conversations and learn tools that will help us build resilience in our clients and also within ourselves.


Who is Sowing the Seeds of Resilience Conference for?

Anyone! Especially those who work with clients that have experience trauma, related to a crime, or otherwise. We are hoping to see many front-line support workers and caregivers at this conference. Our goal is to provide this information to as many Social workers, Police officers, EMT, Firefighters, Teachers, Counsellors, Residential Support Workers and many others that provide the much-needed care to those impacted by Trauma. 


What is the structure of the conference?

On Day One we will focus on building resilience in the people that we work with and on day two the focus will be on building resilience within ourselves.



Why are we doing the Seeds of Resilience Conference?

We are seeing a high level of vicarious trauma to those who provide first response to those impacted by trauma. We have seen it in our own agency, and in our own community. We need to come together to learn how to work better, become healthier and care for ourselves while caring for others.  The world is pressing in harder on everyone. Our clients’ needs are becoming more complex, long lasting, deep rooted, and as a result we are limited in the resources that we can provide.


This two-day conference will strive to provide you with tools, resources, networking and information that may be life changing for you and your clients. The seeds we plant today will continue to grow and become stronger.


Thursday May 28th - Friday May 29th




How do i register?

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